Empowering your international business with data-driven services.

With a pioneering spirit in digital marketing across Europe, we've been driving organic growth for our clients, both domestically and internationally. Our passionate approach, coupled with deep expertise in digital communication, ensures sustainable success.

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Key Features:

Curated Digital Media:

We meticulously select and provide top-tier digital media for targeted and impactful campaigns.

Strategic Support:

We assist clients in delineating their marketing objectives, facilitating market penetration, and maximizing returns on digital investments.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Working closely with premier European companies, international agencies, and media centers, we excel in planning and managing e-mail and SMS campaigns.

Seamless Integration:

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your corporate IT infrastructure, enabling cost-effective data verification of your customer base.

Cutting-edge Verification Services:

Introducing our latest addition, a Customer Data Verification platform. Leveraging a vast international consumer database and advanced algorithms, we offer swift data validation against our trusted partner network.

Industry-leading KYC and ID Verification:

Trusted by major international operators, our solution ensures compliance and security in Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.
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E-mail Marketing

We specialize in identifying top international prospects to drive business growth.

Email marketing is an indispensable tool for any digital strategy aimed at achieving performance objectives. Leveraging our proprietary database and expert affiliate network, you can attain your business goals while paying solely for tangible results.

Key Features:


Email enables personalized communication, fostering strong customer relationships—a hallmark of successful Direct Email Marketing (DeM) campaigns.


Pay-per-performance combined with scalability makes DeM campaigns cost-effective and straightforward to execute.


Reach millions of potential customers almost instantly. DeM campaigns can be implemented within hours, delivering hundreds of thousands of emails daily.


Precisely target your audience by segmenting user profiles. Additionally, leverage retargeting to engage with customers who have already expressed interest in your products.

Customers Data Verification (KYC)

Empower your business with our cloud-based customer data verification solution.

Gain comprehensive insights and ensure compliance with our state-of-the-art Identity Verification platform. With a single access point, CHECK and IDENTIFY your customers' data worldwide.
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Key Features:

Global Reach:

Access a vast array of global data sources through our data-driven Identity Verification (IDV) solution. Our database spans over 1 billion high-quality consumer profiles across 22 countries, continually expanding to include millions more each month.

Rigorous Verification:

Implement strict identity verification checks to authenticate and compare customer information during digital onboarding. Safeguard against fraud and uphold international compliance regulations. Verifying crucial details such as age and delivery addresses preemptively mitigates potential issues.

Advanced Algorithm:

Our unique algorithm cross-references each data element against external sources, including names, addresses, dates of birth, contact details, and more, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

EU-Based Security

Developed and maintained in the EU, our system prioritizes data encryption and storage compliance. Stringent protocols govern data attribution, guaranteeing that only the most accurate matches contribute to the scoring system.

Simplified Integration:

Access all countries seamlessly through a single API, with unified pricing for ease of management. Charges apply only for positive matches, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
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How to Initiate Your KYC Service:

Select your countries of interest.
Define your matching criteria and rules.
Test the database through Proof of Concepts (POCs) at no cost.
Receive personalized credentials for access.
Enjoy full operational service within two weeks.
Monitor activity conveniently via a dedicated online interface.

Empower your business with robust KYC solutions start today for enhanced security and efficiency.

IDV & Potential Applications.

Unlock the power of Identity Verification (IDV) for diverse applications:

Subscription Automation: Streamline e-commerce by detecting and reporting discrepancies in subscription forms, ensuring data accuracy for new customers.
Age Verification: Verify potential customers' dates of birth, crucial for age-restricted products like alcohol, tobacco, vaping, gaming, and legalized cannabis.
Data Entry Support: Provide operators with quick previews of potential customer data, optimizing efficiency.
Fraud Prevention: Identify and prevent fraud by detecting contact information associated with multiple identities, mitigating financial losses.
Delivery Address Verification: Ensure accurate delivery addresses to enhance the logistics network's efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, thereby reducing support costs.

IDV Data Quality Challenges & Processes:

Data Standardization: Standardize data for maximum matching accuracy.
Local Consultation: Engage local experts to ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations, tailoring practices to local markets.
Continuous Evaluation: Consistently assess filtering processes to incorporate new data sources and eliminate redundant or expired data.
Duplicate Data Management: Employ advanced procedures to remove duplicate consumer entries from the database.
Data Accuracy Enhancement: Utilize leading data validation and enhancement services to correct or remove inaccurate or incomplete data.
Fraudulent Data Detection: Reduce fraud risk by employing data cleansing services and online management platforms.
Formatting Standardization: Ensure correct labeling and attribution of information by standardizing formatting.
Error Reduction: Minimize human error in data entry by consumers and businesses.
Data Cleansing: Consult Home Mover/Gone Away files to update addresses for consumers who have moved.
Bereavement Registers: Remove deceased individuals from the database to maintain integrity and avoid distress.

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Current Database Overview

Unlock insights from our expansive database, comprising over 1 billion consumer profiles across 22 countries.

Key Features:

Vast Coverage:

Access 1,156 million consumer profiles meticulously curated across multiple countries.

GDPR Compliance:

Our database adheres to GDPR and other privacy directives, ensuring seamless integration with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for onboarding and identity verification.

Identity Verification Precision:

To ensure successful identity matching, our database requires sufficient data points, establishing confidence in the verified individual's identity.

Comprehensive Information:

Standard data includes gender, first name, surname, date of birth, full postal address, postcode, city, mobile phone (or landline), and email. While multi-country name matching can pose challenges due to diverse alphabets and naming structures, our robust Identity Verification (IDV) source ensures accuracy at scale.

Tailored Profiling:

Customize your criteria with specific profiling data, such as Fiscal Codes, available upon request.

Global Reach:

Currently covering countries like Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, UK, Spain, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

An extensive consumer Database GDPR compliant

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Last update: January 25th, 2024

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